Open your account with Flava and reduce your worry

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Open your account with Flava and reduce your worry

Open your account with Flava and reduce your worry

As we have all been on standby for local lockdowns it creates so much anxiety with people not knowing how it will work in their area or how they will be able to do their food shopping again, not wanting to stand in line and social distancing from other shoppers. Let the Flava ‘buy now pay later’ supermarket take some of the worry away with ordering your food shopping from home and if you have been struggling with finances you will be given at least £40 starter credit to begin.

All credit that is offered from Flava ‘buy now pay later’ is only subject to you having a debit card that is liked to your bank account, there will never be a credit check carried out at any time and what is more, you will be given a higher credit limit with every paid up order. You will start at £40 but can reach £120 still on the same terms with 4 weeks to spread your payments. At checkout you will see that your basket total is split equally into 4 instalments and as soon as you have paid the first instalment you can choose your delivery slot, with the remaining payments taken directly from the same debit card. Once paid up, you can order your food shopping from home again. Flava buy now pay later will not allow more than one outstanding order at a time and in turn this ensures that you will never find yourself in debt by using this system.

Buy now pay later without the fuss

To join the Flava buy now pay later supermarket all you will need is below and all applications will have immediate acceptance.

Once you become a Flava ‘buy now pay later’ customer you will start to see some great savings when compared to shopping from local supermarkets, this is because for one, your will be far more cautious about what you are buying when using credit, even if that credit carries no interest or admin charge penalties. The second most reason is because you will avoid all of the temping offers that are stacked up and conveniently placed in order to make you part with more money than you intended. You will appreciate just how much you don’t need these items when they get thrown out when they are out of date because they have not been used. We are all guilty of this, but the main supermarkets are more than happy as you have already wasted your money at checkout.

This is not to say that you will not have any special offers, you will, but they are sent directly to your email address, this gives you more of a conscious choice to use them or not. Look out for your daily emails and start saving money straight away.