Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Now more than ever is the time to get your Flava buy now pay later account

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Now more than ever is the time to get your Flava buy now pay later account

Now more than ever is the time to get your Flava buy now pay later account

With the onslaught of the new national lockdown, many people who are already struggling with money issues are finding that just the simple act of doing your food shopping from home is not possible without paying in full in advance. With Flava buy now pay later you can spread your food shopping from home over 4 weeks and this can be a real help. There will never be any form of credit check and as long as you have a debit card that will be all the security needed.

It's The Time To Buy Now Pay Later

Every new customer to Flava buy now pay later supermarket will be given £40 starter credit and this will rise with every paid up order until you are capped at £120, and if you want the higher credit limit straight away you can join with a small monthly subscription and you will also get your deliveries free of charge. Never at any point will your credit file be touched, so even if you have a particularly poor credit score you can still be guaranteed acceptance.

Flava buy now pay later is very much like any local supermarket in the products they have on sale, and you will also find that your special offers will be sent directly to your email address and this lessens the impulse buying that happens when you are wandering around a local supermarket and picking up “special offers” that inevitably end up being thrown out because they are out of date and not used as you thought they would be when you popped then in your trolley. We are all guilty of this. On a usual shopping trip you can bet that you always end up with more that you expected, but with Flava buy now pay later for your food shopping from home can help to put a stop to the overspending.

You will find everything you need to keep you and your family fed and your house clean from Flava buy now pay later:

Having a Flava buy now pay later account could not be any simpler, you fill your basket, head to checkout and then your will see that your order is split into 4 equal instalments, as soon as you pay the first one you can then choose the best delivery slot to suit you. Your remaining payments will be taken automatically from your debit card and you do not even have to remember to log in to your account to make payments.

There is no need to suffer in silence and worry about how you are going to afford to feed yourself and your family, with just your debit card you can have a line of credit that really will help you to get through the lockdowns. There is only one order at a time allowed so you do not have to worry that you will find yourself in rolling debt, also there will never be any added interest charges to push up your total spend.