Not all Supermarkets are the same, try shopping on credit

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Not all Supermarkets are the same, try shopping on credit

Not all Supermarkets are the same, try shopping on credit

Flava buy now pay later are the latest supermarket to come into its own and are fast becoming the go to website for thousands of people who are now doing their food shopping from home. The big difference that Flava buy now pay later offers that all the other giant supermarkets cannot is that they will give you at least a basket credit of £40 to spend in store and pay off over a 4 week period in equal instalments taken directly from your debit card.

Shop Using Credit and Buy Now, Pay Later

If all that sounds too easy and you are used to rejections where credit is concerned then read on.. Flava buy now pay later will never carry out a credit search on your file so your application is guaranteed. All you need to do is fill your basket and pay your first of 4 payments to book your delivery slot with no hassle, no timewasting and most definitely no credit checks. Because Flava buy now pay later take payments directly from the debit card you make your first payment with they will use this as the only security needed. This protects your credit file from any footprints that could have a negative effect.

As long as you have an internet connection and a debit card you have all you need for a Flava buy now pay later account. With 4 weeks to repay and only one order at a time Flava have reduced the possibility of ever getting into debt by using the buy now pay later service and the good news is that there are never any interest charges for the credit you receive. What you see on your checkout page will be the total amount you will pay over 4 weeks.

With the current climate and everyone looking for new ways to stay on top of food shopping without taking risks by braving the overcrowded supermarkets then Flava buy now pay later can be the best solution for you. By having the credit and time to pay will also solve the problems of many people who have found themselves on a lesser wage by being furloughed or more unfortunately made redundant and using benefits, some for the first time in their lives. Flava buy now pay later gives you some breathing space as well as making sure that your food cupboards are not left empty while you find your new normal. You may also find that one of the great side effects of doing your food shopping from home on credit is that you will find yourself saving money. This happens because even though the credit given from Flava carries no interest charges, you are more aware that you are buying on credit which in turn makes your far more aware of what you are popping in your basket willy nilly.