No one should worry about empty food cupboards with Flava

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

No one should worry about empty cupboards with Flava

No one should worry about empty cupboards with Flava

With everything else that is going on across the UK presently, worrying about how you are going to get your food shopping because of a low income should not be one of them. If you have a debit card then you can join Flava buy now pay later the UK’s first and only food shopping from home supermarket that is available to everyone without the need for a credit check.

Flava buy now pay later have been running successfully for nearly a year and during the pandemic have geared up much more quickly than they expected to help catch the thousands of people who without the credit option would have really suffered and would have had to rely on the good will of others or even foodbanks, because there are no hidden charges or interest payments, you only pay for the goods you have in your basket. Flava are a fair and upfront service that gives every shopper 4 weeks to repay the basket total in equal instalments. Your first basket credit will be £40 and as long as that is repaid without any issues then your credit limit will rise by £20 each order and then it is capped at £120. All orders are given 4 weeks repayment terms and taken directly from your debit card.

You will find everything you could need from Flava buy now pay later:

Buy now and pay later to keep the cupboards full

As well as having a good shopping experience with Flava buy now pay later and having 4 weeks to pay for it you will also appreciate the special offer emails that you will be set on a regular basis that will even beat the big supermarket offers. Have a look at some of these offers to tempt you:

If you have tried to use a supermarket for your food shopping from home and have found that the delivery times have been ridiculously long unless you are a pensioner or have medical issues then you can be assured that with Flava buy now pay later you will not have to wait anywhere near as long. As soon as you have paid your first of 4 instruments you can choose your delivery slot and your order will be delivered by national couriers rather than local supermarket vans that are snowed under presently.

As soon as your first order is paid off you can order again, and don’t worry you will never get into mounting debt as you can only have one order at a time with Flava buy now pay later and there is a higher credit limit ready for your next order if you need it.