Make Flava buy now pay later your New Year’s Resolution

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Make Flava buy now pay later your New Year’s Resolution

Make Flava buy now pay later your New Year’s Resolution

If 2019 was a bad year for you then step into 2020 with a new way of getting your finances under control with Flava the newest online supermarket that allows you to buy your everyday groceries on credit. Flava are the only supermarket in the UK that allows credit, and the best thing is that you will not have to undergo a credit check to come on board either! With Flava buy now pay later, your order is split into 4 equal weekly payments and you have an initial basket credit of £40 to start you off. Once you have paid and completed your first order without issue, you can be guaranteed that your basket credit will rise up to over £100 for your second and subsequent orders.

All of your Flava orders have a 0% interest rate, meaning that you do not pay any extra for having your shopping on credit. As soon as you have paid your first instalment, you can then choose your preferred delivery date and the best dates to have your payments taken from your debit or credit card. All orders are paid up within the 4 weeks and you can not order again until you have finished paying for your order, this means that you are never in danger of running up debts.

Buy Now, Pay Later is Budget Friendly

Because Flava take your payments in equal amounts you know exactly how much money you are spending on your groceries, very unlike wandering around a supermarket loading up your trolly with the tempting offers you don’t really need. It is a very disciplined person that can stick to a shopping list when encountering the piles of products that are there just to make you spend more. Supermarkets spend a lot of time and money in making sure that you walk out with at least 20% more than you intended.

Once you sign up for Flava buy now pay later you are then sent fantastic offers by email that cannot be beaten by any other Supermarket. When was the last time you could find anything for just one penny in a local supermarket? With the Flava buy now pay later Member Benefits, you will be amazed at the discounts you will be sent. Have a look at some of the latest Member Benefits offers.

Flava buy now pay later could be one of the best tools you can have to be able to budget your shopping properly, with equal payments you know exactly how much you are paying for your groceries each week and once you see the savings to be made you will wonder why this hasn’t been happening before now.