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You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Looking for Savings and Credit? Try Flava buy now pay later

Looking for Savings and Credit? Try Flava buy now pay later

Saving money and credit are not usually words found in the same sentence but with Flava buy now pay later supermarket it is very achievable to do your food shopping from home. Not only are savings very easy to see within a few weeks but the credit will be without any form of credit check so it is available for anyone no matter what sort of credit issues you may have had in the past. Flava by now pay later are the UK’s first and only credit supermarket so you can do all your food shopping from home in complete safety knowing that you are not only avoiding all the social distancing and queues but you can spread your payments over 4 weeks without being penalised by interest and admin charges as well.

Where does the money saving come into play you may well wonder, well firstly, by buying your food shopping on credit your mind will always subconsciously be more aware of what you are putting in your basket even though the credit will carry no extra cost and secondly, because you will know exactly how much will be taken each week directly from your debit card for your food shopping you will find yourself more in control of your purchases. How often have you ever got to the checkout of a regular supermarket and known exactly the right amount you have spent until you are told? Not many of you I expect.

Buy now pay later and how to save

The reason this happens is that the supermarkets spend thousand of pounds on market analysts to cleverly and carefully place products that shoppers will just pop in out trolleys quite without thinking too much because they look like bargains whether we need them or not, most of the time we don’t need them. These cleverly placed items increase our trolly cost and boost the stores profits. Flava buy now pay later do not do this. Yes they certainly have special offers, but they are sent to your email inbox, so you have more of a conscious choice to use them or not. The special offers from Flava buy now pay later are actually much better than any supermarket and start at just 1p or 99% off, have a look below at the type of bargains you can expect once you are a Flava buy now pay later member.

All you need to join Flava buy now pay later food shopping from home is your debit card, your email address, and your delivery address. You will be given £40 credit immediately and when you get to checkout you will need to pay the first of four equal instalments and you can choose your delivery date. Your remain instalments will be taken directly from your debit card without any form of credit check or interest charges and that is a promise.