Let Flava help you with your Christmas food shopping

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Let Flava help you with your Christmas food shopping

Let Flava help you with your Christmas food shopping

Now that Christmas is just around the corner and the lockdowns are now going into local tier lockdowns, many people are still worried about how they will cope during the festive period and food shopping is the biggest priority. With Flava buy now pay later supermarket you are able to fill your food cupboards and spread your payments over 4 weeks.

No one need go without food or cleaning products at this time and with the help from Flava buy now pay later all you need is your debit card to secure your purchases. There will never be any form or credit or eligibility check to open your Flava account and you can order straight away with just your email address. As soon as you have filled your basket you can then head to the checkout page and you will see that your total amount will be divided into 4 equal payments and as soon as you have paid the first one you are able to choose the best delivery date for your order to be delivered straight to your door. You will find that the delivery slots available will be much quicker than even the local supermarkets can guarantee as they are currently overwhelmed once again and most people are waiting two to three weeks before they can expect delivery. Because Flava buy now pay later deliveries are all done by trusted national couriers you can have your order delivered in less than a week.

Buy now pay later helps you Christmas food shop

Once you have opened your account with Flava buy now pay later supermarket you can start shopping straight away with your starter £40 credit, this will increase with every paid up order, but if you want to jump to a higher credit limit of £120, you can achieve this with a small monthly subscription and if you do that you will get your deliveries free of charge as well.

With an account opened with Flava buy now pay later you can really start to see some great savings compared to your normal shopping bills, this is because for one, you will not be inundated with special offers that are spread around your normal supermarket and this stops the impulse buying that usually results in overspending as well as waste when thing are out of date and unused. This is not to say that you will not have special offers, but the way that they are given is straight to you email address this makes you more conscious of what you are spending. The majority of special offers from Flava are up to 99% discount on specially selected products.

Start shopping for your Christmas goodies with Flava buy now pay later, you have nothing to lose and can really save money as well as getting your deliveries much quicker that any local supermarket can offer, join today and even if you do not start shopping immediately it is good to know you have a helping hand of credit for when you need it most.