Let Flava Buy Now Pay Later Be Your Next Solution

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Let Flava Buy Now Pay Later Be Your Next Solution

Let Flava Buy Now Pay Later Be Your Next Solution

If you have ever had to worry about how you were going to get your groceries with a limited bank account and payday nowhere in sight, or just when you were ever going to find the time to get to the supermarket, then Flava buy now pay later are just the answer you need.

Everyone's Talking About Buy Now, Pay Later Shopping

Flava are the UK’s latest supermarket to hit the internet and for once it is not aimed at taking as much money as possible from the customer who already needs a helping hand. Flava offer everyone an interest free credit scheme to be able to do a regular grocery shop with no added charges for interest. They will split the end cost of your order into 4 equal instalments and as soon as you pay the first slice of the payments you can choose your delivery slot to suit yourself and your daily life.

Flava buy now pay later are just like any other ordinary supermarket but with one big difference, they are able to offer credit spread over 4 weeks, something that until now no other supermarket has been able to give anyone. In fact the only way you could ever buy groceries on credit until now was to use a credit card, and the interest that can be accrued with these can be frightening. As well as being able to offer credit to anyone who has a debit or credit card, Flava will never have to carry out a credit check either. As they collect all payments directly from the card you made the first payment with, Flava are guaranteed that the following four payments will be made without any need to chase anyone for non-payment. The four week period for all orders to be paid up means that no interest charges can be added, this is an inspiring way to shop online and a definite move forward when it comes to abolishing credit charges.

Flava buy now pay later does not only cater for those who are having a few money worries, it is also great for students, shift workers and anyone who has issues with getting to a supermarket in normal hours. The delivery options are fantastic and as soon as your first instalment payment has been made you can select your delivery slot. Once you have paid up all four instalments you can then place another order, you will also find that your credit limit has been raised as well. This will happen until you are capped at £120.

What people are most surprised about when using the Flava buy now pay later supermarket is the savings that can be made without even trying. These savings are not just because prices are kept competitive as with any other supermarket, but just knowing you are buying goods on credit will make you far more aware of what you are placing inn your basket, even if that credit is interest free. Flava by now pay later is a win, win solution for everyone.