Just about the best news this year Buy Now Pay Later

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Just about the best news this year Buy Now Pay Later

Just about the best news this year Buy Now Pay Later

If you thought you had heard it all then listen to this, the UK has just launched the newest supermarket online called Flava, the only buy now pay later grocery shopping facility that allows you to buy your food shopping on credit. Not only does Flava buy now pay later let you have your shopping on credit, it does not have you jumping through hoops having to undergo invasive credit checks either.

It is quite amazing that it has taken this long to get a supermarket that takes credit, until now the only credit you could get to buy your shopping was to borrow money from a payday loan or use an expensive credit card. With Flava buy now pay later you do not have to do these things, and there are no expensive interest payments to pay back either.

How Does Buy Now, Pay Later Grocery Shopping Work at Flava?

Flava is a simple set up, all orders are paid up within 4 weeks, that is how they manage not to charge any interest, they have no need to pass any charges onto their customers so they can confidently offer 0% APR on every purchase, there are very few credit companies that can offer that! As well as having all orders paid up within 4 weeks you can not reorder until your last order is paid this means that you will never have to worry about getting into any rolling debt. Once you have paid off your first order, you will be given a hight basket credit limit and another 4 weeks to pay. Easy Peasy!

In fact your credit limit will keep rising until you can get £120, still without a penny in interest charges or the need for a credit check. Flava buy now pay later are the answer for all the hardworking, hard studying people out there who just need a helping hand every now and then, without being penalised for it with massive interest charges. You can choose your delivery days and your payment days to suit yourself as well, very handy for those who are paid weekly or work shifts.

You may even be surprised to see that once you start buying your grocery shopping on credit you will see savings in your bank account. That may sound unbelievable but the mindset of buying on credit alone will make you think twice about what you are spending, even if you are not paying interest, you will still only put what you really need in your basket. Unlike wandering around a giant supermarket throwing all the temping treats in without a second thought, Flava buy now pay later are a conscious way of shopping without you even realising it. Start with Flava today and see how you take back control of your shopping and your spending together.