Join the revolution today and buy now pay later

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Join the revolution today and buy now pay later

Join the revolution today and buy now pay later

The newest kind of supermarket has only recently hit the internet with fantastic results, everyone is now excited to hear that you can not only have your weekly or monthly food shopping on credit, but that you can do this without paying any interest on your purchases. Flava buy now pay later supermarket can guarantee that for your initial order they will give you a great £40 basket credit, rising to at least £100 once you return to order again. We never carry out a credit check and we never let any payments go on for longer than 4 weeks. Your total plus delivery is divided into equal amounts depending on how long you choose to spread your instalments, this can be 2,3 or 4 weeks and your delivery slot can be chosen as soon as you have paid your first instalment.

The Buy Now, Pay Later Revolution Has Started

You will be more than happy once you start browsing the isles of the Flava buy now pay later supermarket, you will quickly see that all your favourite brands are here, exactly the same as you would expect from the main supermarkets and your corner shops. You can decide on your delivery date to make sure that you are home and then you are not only able to make your shopping work for your time and budget rather than having to take time out of your week to go and do your shopping when you could be doing something better.

Being able to spread your grocery shopping in line with your budget is a real help in many ways, not only when you are in a tight spot. Flava buy now pay later will stop you from just popping things in a basket that are a needless buy, if you are not made of steel then it is very hard not to be tempted with the loss leaders that most big supermarkets tempt us with at the end of every isle. With Flava buy now pay later we have some great Member Benefits, but you will find that they are on products that are actually worth buying, so your temptations will be fewer and your shopping bill will end up being much less than if you were wandering round a supermarket giant with an overflowing trolley.

If you are serious about getting to grips with your finances then sign up and start shopping with Flava today, you will be given a basket credit of £40 for your first order and once you have paid your first instalment you can choose your delivery slot. Your payments are made directly from your debit or credit card and once you have paid off your first order you can then order again. Your next order will have a higher credit limit of up to £100. All instalments are split into equal payments so you know exactly what will be coming out of your bank. Flava makes life very simple when it comes to managing your grocery shopping. Sign up today with just your email address, and see the benefits for yourself.