It's here... Flava Buy Now Pay Later Supermarket

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

It's here... Flava Buy Now Pay Later Supermarket

It's here... Flava Buy Now Pay Later Supermarket

Until now it has been unheard of to be able to buy your groceries on credit. Flava buy now pay later is the new way to shop. Without a credit check and charging any interest on your purchases, Flava are fast becoming the go to solution to help everyday people bridge the gap between paydays.

Sign Up For Buy Now, Pay Later Groceries

You can easily sign up to Flava with just your email address and as long as you have a debit or credit card you will be accepted for an initial basket credit of £40. Once you checkout your order your payments will be split into four equal instalments and as soon as you pay your first instalment you can then choose your delivery slot. Your next payments will be taken directly from the card you made your first payment with and the entire order will be paid up within the month.

Flava buy now pay later is able to forego any interest charges because all orders are paid up in just 4 weeks, if they offered longer repayment terms then Flava would have to pass that cost onto the customer. It is good to know that Flava buy now pay later are not about making huge profits and putting customers at risk of debt. It is one of the reasons that all orders have to be paid up in full before the next order can be placed.

Once you have ordered from Flava buy now pay later and paid off your instalments you will then be offered a higher basket credit, this is capped at £120 but still on the same 4 week repayments schedule. Knowing how much your shopping costs you each week is such a great help and once you get used to a new way of shopping for your groceries you will start to see some real savings in your pocket.

Buying goods on credit has until now been slightly frowned upon, especially by those who struggle with a small income, but a credit system that carries no interest charges and guarantees a 0%APR on all purchases can only be a positive experience. Flava buy now pay later has some great feedback from many satisfied customers who are now returning time and time again because using this interest free equal instalment payments has given them the freedom to have their shopping delivered at a time to suit them as well as a good savings tool to know exactly how much to budget for the grocery bills.

You will also find that once you have signed up to Flava buy now pay later you will be sent regular emails from the Member Benefits team. These emails will have some of the best discounts you will find, even the supermarket giants will not beat 99% discounts! Sign into Flava and get your shopping account up and running, you will be glad you did and will probably wonder why shopping this way has taken so long to happen.