It is time to rethink shopping for groceries from home

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

It is time to rethink shopping for groceries from home

It is time to rethink shopping for groceries from home

As we are all waiting for further instructions from the government about when local lockdowns will start or finish we are all in a confusing situation, so to make sure that you are not going without where your food shopping is concerned try doing your food shopping from the comfort of your own home with Flava by now pay later supermarket.

With the Flava buy now pay later supermarket you can shop on credit but without all the usual credit fuss such as credit or eligibility checks, this means that even if you have had credit issues unresolved you can still use the buy now pay later system they offer. Every new customer will have at least £40 credit and 4 weeks to repay and your credit limit will rise with every paid up order. Flava buy now pay later food shopping from home are a responsible lender and will only let you have one order at a time and you can be guaranteed that your food shopping from home will never impact on your credit file at any time. You really do have control of your own credit with Flava buy now pay later.

Rethink Buy Now Pay Later

All you will need to open your account with Flava buy now pay later supermarket is your email address and your debit card. Even if you do not need the help for food shopping at the moment, it is very wise to open your account as it will be ready to go when you do. You can fill your basket with anything you need, from food, cleaning products and toiletries and you will have 4 weeks to repay and the guarantee of rising credit limits for your next order. Once you have filled your basket and are at checkout, you will see that your total will be split equally into 4 instalments and as soon as you pay the first one, you can choose your delivery slot and the preferred day of the week to have your remaining payments taken.

Flava buy now pay later has been responsible for saving quite a lot of money against your regular shopping trips with local supermarkets and this is because Flava send your special offers directly to your email address and this lessens the chance that you will be buying goods on impulse the way you would in a local supermarket where special offers are piled up all over the isles just waiting for you to pop in your trolley. It is well known that the “loss leaders”, or special offers are placed carefully in order to make you spend far more that you initially intended and you have probably thrown out food that is out of date because the offers that you thought were great value were in fact, not needed at all and a waste of money.