Increasing Credit With Flava Shopping Buy Now Pay Later

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Increasing Credit With Flava Shopping Buy Now Pay Later

Increasing Credit With Flava Shopping Buy Now Pay Later

If you have been waiting for the perfect grocery shopping website that has a buy now pay later option, then wait no more! Flava are the only solution available that has a guaranteed initial £40 credit spend and that can spread your payments over 4 weeks so that you budget your grocery shop in line with your paydays. Being able to buy now pay later is sometimes the best solution, especially when you can be guaranteed that you will not be charged any interest on your purchases. Once you have become a regular Flava shopper your account can be upgraded to £120 credit in weeks.

At Flava we are not just about being the best grocery credit website, we are also committed to giving you some incredible offers and discounts that are just as competitive as the mainstream supermarkets. Our stock lines are increasing daily with more and more orders and requests coming in from our many happy customers and with delivery in just a few days once you have paid your first of four instalments, you will be so pleased that you made the Flava-ful choice!

Flava has departments for everything:

At Flava you have an easy to use website that is manned 24/7 and has an online chat that you can ask questions, make suggestions, enquire about your account or delivery, the entire Flava staff are very customer focused, and always happy to help. All you need to open up your buy now pay later Flava account is your email and delivery address and debit card for the instalments at checkout. You will not be putting yourself in any lingering debt as no order will take more than 4 weeks to pay in full.

For the best known brands for the store cupboard, just look at what Flava has to offer:

Flava has the most up to date website to rival any online supermarket with an easy to use checkout. Your 4 equal instalments are interest free and you can choose your delivery slot as soon as you make your first instalment payment. You have no need to worry that a credit search will be left on your credit file as we will not have to do that as we will be using your debit card to make your instalment payments, you will not be entering into a huge credit contract. This is a quick and easy way to get your shopping on buy now pay later terms without leaving you in a position where you are racking up debt and interest payments.

Flava are considered lenders and we will only allow a £40 credit limit initially as we want to make sure that you are using the site sensibly, once we can see that you are budgeting well, we will only increase your spend limit at that point.