If you want to save money, check out Flava

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

If you want to save money, check out Flava

If you want to save money, check out Flava

You may think that the phrase “buying goods on credit” could never be in the same sentence as “saving money” but it is true. With the newest supermarket to it the UK, Flava buy now pay later, you will certainly see a decrease in your monthly grocery shop spend. The giants in the supermarket industry employ specific people just to increase extra sales around their stores, it’s a multi-billion income stream just to tempt shoppers away from the original shopping list.

The way Flava buy now pay later supermarket can help your to save money is by no throwing countless numbers of offers in your way of just shopping for you essentials. You will be sent great email offers that you can claim on your shopping list, for example todays offer is a fantastic £12 saving on a 2kilo Cadbury chocolate milkshake tub, for just £4.99 instead of £16.99. That is a whopping 71% saving.

You will be amazed at the great offers you will find in your inbox of a morning. The beauty of Flava is that you won’t get inundated with offers here and there you can just focus on your wanted items, not seduced away the straight and narrow with offers that you really don’t need. You will be able to see just how well you are doing and spending less with your shopping by the amount of out of date items you are no longer throwing out every time you put your new shopping order away.

The variety of foods that are readily available from Flava buy now pay later online supermarket are as recognised and competitively priced as all of the supermarkets giants, but with one big change, you have up to a month to pay for your order. Have a look below at the range of products available with Flava buy now pay later online supermarket.

Cupboard Essentials

Snacks and Treats


As soon as you sign up to Flava buy now pay later supermarket you will be given your initial basket credit of £40, but after you have paid up your first order you can be guaranteed that your next basket credit can raise up to £100 with good payment history. This is without the need for a credit check and best of all, there is never any interest payments added either. There is a 0% APR interest on all Flava orders. You can set your delivery day for when it suits you as soon as you have paid your first instalment, and you payments are taken directly from your debit or credit card, so you don’t even have to remember to log in to make a payment. Nothing could be simpler than the Flava buy now pay later supermarket, apply today and shop within ten minutes, you will be glad you did!