If you thought that Flava was a costly, think again!

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

If you thought that Flava was a costly, think again!

If you thought that Flava was a costly, think again!

It is not many buy now pay later credit sites that can promise the customer no interest terms, but that is exactly what you get with the Flava supermarket website. At Flava we pride ourselves on offering a great selection of all the basics anyone could need for a full and exciting well stocked food cupboards. Flava never needs to carry out intrusive credit checks or makes you enter into long and unnecessary contracts. All of our payment schedules last no longer than 4 weeks and are paid in equal instalments taken straight from your registered credit or debit card. To become a Flava buy now pay later customer here is all you need to do:

Buy Now, Pay Later Food Shopping is Affordable

Flava have the exact same products that any other supermarket or corner shop would stock, but with the added benefits of being able to buy now pay later. At Flava we don’t add anything apart from the delivery charge and that is a guarantee. Think back to the good old days when every corner shop would allow their trusted customers to run a small tab until payday, that is exactly what Flava are trying to replicate, we are here to make life easier for you, not to make a huge profit by charging ridiculous interest. We are buy now pay later, but that doesn’t mean that we are buy now be in debt later!

There are lots of reasons why using the Flava buy now pay later supermarket is a winner, and that not just because you can obviously spread your payments, have a look at the great savings to be had under the special offers tab, these change daily and Flava members get even more money off with great membership deals.

With no interest being charged ever and being able to spread your payments up to 4 weeks Flava buy now pay later is a no nonsense way to shop especially if you are a busy shift worker student or working mum. Your shopping will be delivered to your door in days and as soon as you have made your first instalment you can choose that slot to suit yourself. Flava promise that they will never leave a credit search footprint in your credit file and you will never be left in debt as the payments are taken directly from your debit or credit card.