How to get your groceries on a buy now pay later deal

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

How to get your groceries on a buy now pay later deal

How to get your groceries on a buy now pay later deal

What could be worse than having empty kitchen cupboards, very little money left in your account and a long while until your salary arrives in your bank. Well now Flava have the very solution you have been looking for with a buy now pay later scheme that doesn’t involve a credit check or any interest payments either. All you pay for is the delivery charge and the exact price you see on the screen at the time of ordering.

Flava is an online supermarket with everything you could need to stock up your kitchen cupboards with everything you need to keep you going from sugar and spices to washing capsules and fabric conditioner. All you need to do to sign up for your Flava account is join up with your email address and delivery address, as long as you have a credit or debit card that we can take your 4 payments from over 4 weeks we will not have to bother you with long and unnecessary credit contracts or make intrusive credit searches on your credit file.

Here's What Flava Has to Offer on Buy Now, Pay Later

Just look at the fabulous range of goods to be found on the Flava buy now pay later website:

It hasn’t been since the demise of the friendly corner shopkeeper that you could have a tab for your shopping but now you can with Flava buy now pay later, everyone can have a guaranteed £40 credit and after you have paid for your first order your account could well be upgraded to well over £100 once you have shown that you are a trusted customer.

Flava is not only just for the hard times, many prefer to know exactly what they are spending with their grocery shop, not wanting to leave the impulse buys to chance, by knowing what your grocery shop bill is every week can make a massive difference to your overall budget. Too often can we hope to keep to the exact shopping list but once we get inside the supermarket with the tempting loss leaders just a few feet inside the doors, we have already blown the budget by the time we get to the second isle. When you buy now pay later with Flava it makes you really think about your shopping needs as well as your daily menus, and you will find that in reality you don’t have to spend as much as you think you do. Flava is a no interest, no credit check answer to buy now pay later grocery shopping. You will soon be saving money if you start shopping with Flava, all your costs are shown up front and you can choose your delivery slot to suit yourself as soon as you have paid your first of 4 equal weekly instalments. Flava is the new way to shop as well as the new way to save money by ignoring the temptations of the walk in supermarkets.