How to do your food shopping from home on credit

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

How to do your food shopping from home on credit

How to do your food shopping from home on credit

It seems the whole world is in a queue especially when it comes to food shopping, apart from taking so long to carry out what was used to be a fairly quick experience, the chances of increasing your risk of being around other who may not have been have careful as others when it comes to socially distancing are significantly increased. With Flava buy now pay later you can cut out the queues and stay a lot safer by doing your food shopping at home and on credit. This is a welcomed way of supermarket shopping for thousands of new customers during this terrible time of the Corona Virus.

Buy Now, Pay Later Food Shopping

There are many people who have slipped through the net when it comes to finances at this time and unless you are in receipt of benefits or can prove that you do not have enough money to see your through you are not able to use the food banks due to the huge amount of new customers. Flava buy now pay later is here to help, but without pushing you towards debt.

It is so easy to joint Flava buy now pay later and you can be guaranteed that as long as you have a debit card that you will not be rejected for credit to do your food shopping from home. With every paid up order you are also promised at least another £20 credit with each order you make in the future. This is capped at £120, still with the promise of no credit check, no interest payments, and still 4 weeks to pay off.

Once you have browsed the pages of products on the Flava buy now pay later website you can head to the checkout, enter your debit card details and the first of 4 instalments will be taken so your can fix your delivery date. Not only can you choose the date for delivery you can also set the best dates for your remaining payments to be taken. This way you can stay on top of your budget and keep yourself and your family well fed and worry free.

As soon as your application is accepted, which it will be as long as you have a debit card, you will start to receive emails with some great special offers that are only available to Flava buy now pay later Members Benefits customers. These special offers start from just 1p and can be ordered straight away, you will see these emails at least twice or three times each week.

Another thing you will quickly notice once you start doing your food shopping with Flava buy now is that you will actually start to save money. Just the fact that you are buying on credit can adjust your mindset to spending less. Try Flava buy now pay later you have nothing but the queues to lose.