Helping beat the after holiday slump with Flava Buy Now Pay Later

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Beat the holiday slump with Flava Buy Now Pay Later

Helping beat the after holiday slump with Flava Buy Now Pay Later

Christmas has always had such a long and exciting run up, and then 2 days later, you wonder what all the fuss was about! The parcels have been unwrapped and most of the food and drink has been consumed apart from the goodies put as side for the New Year celebrations. Now you look into your cupboards with dismay, as you realise that there is a long hard month to come before payday and see that very little that is actually left after the mince pies are finished. Flava buy now pay later online supermarket are here to help, swooping in like a superhero and filling your empty cupboards with all you could need to see you through.

Signing Up to Buy Now, Pay Later is Quick and Easy

All you need to join the Flava buy now pay later shopping revolution is your first instalment and your details. As long as you have a UK bank account with a debit or credit card, you will not need to have a credit check either.

Flava buy now pay later are the only supermarket in the UK that offers credit, and not just any credit, credit that promises no interest charges, a guaranteed 0% APR. When you first sign up to Flava you will get an initial basket credit of £40 and you can split the payments over 4 weeks, and as soon as you pay your first instalment you can have your order delivered at a time to suit you. All of your payments are of equal amounts, so you don’t have to try to work put how much to pay, and your payments are taken directly from the credit or debit card you sign up with, so you don’t have to worry about missing an instalment. Once you have paid your first order off in 4 weeks or less, then you can order again, and you will find that your basket credit will rise rapidly to at least £100.

Grocery shopping is one of the bills that will always vary from week to week, and the main reason for this is down to the supermarkets themselves, not your actual shopping list. The temping mountains of special offers and the multi buys that promise massive saving, will make even the most focussed shopper sway away from the path of following the shopping list only. When you start using credit on a buy now pay later system, you will find that quite naturally you will only buy what you really need, even if there is no extra charge for the credit. It is the frame of mind that many savvy shoppers have and will soon become apparent when you look at your weekly spend on shopping with Flava buy now pay later, against your previous receipts from any of the popular supermarkets out there.