Help yourself through January with Flava Buy Now Pay Later

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Help yourself through January with Flava Buy Now Pay Later

Help yourself through January with Flava Buy Now Pay Later

The best part about the recent festivities is that you get to enjoy time spent with friends and family and eating and drinking to your hearts content. But then, the worse time is early January when you can see that your payday is another 5 weeks away but that it was already spent before Christmas as may employers pay early in December. Worry not, there is a great new online supermarket that can help you out, Flava buy now pay later is the only online supermarket in the UK that offers you basket credit. Not only that but Flava buy now pay later are also able to give you credit without a credit check.

Your first basket credit with Flava will be £40, but once this is paid up, you will get an increase to over £100 credit to spend for your next shop. Grocery shopping with Flava could not be any simpler if it tried. You sign up with your email address, you are then given your basket credit. Once you have placed your order and paid your first of 4 equal weekly payments you can then book your delivery slot. All orders made with Flava are for 4 weeks only or less. This is how they manage to never charge any interest on the order. 0%APR, yes you read that properly, no interest on your credit order, and no credit checks.

Help Yourself With Buy Now, Pay Later Shopping

Flava have really made a breakthrough with being able to shop online with credit. You will never find yourself getting into debt with Flava as only one order will be accepted at a time, that has to be paid up before anther order can be taken. You will find that Flava buy now pay later has all you could need form an online supermarket. Also when shopping on credit you tend to stick to the shopping list only and not veer off track like you would if you were aimlessly wandering around a normal supermarket with all their temping offers carefully placed for best effect. You would have to have a mindset of steel not to fall on the wayside and end up with loads of goodies that you did not intend to shop for. Knowing the exact amount your shopping costs you have weekly can be a fabulous way of helping with your budgeting as well.

Once you are a member of the Flava buy now pay later supermarket, you will be sent regular email with fantastic and exciting offers from only just 1p, you will be hard pushed to find such generous offers in a local supermarket. You can even find some great delivery options as well where if you have a monthly subscription you can get free delivery. Watch out for your emails with more information.

For whatever reason many people need a helping hand now and then with grocery shopping and not just to carry the bags! Let Flava buy now pay later be your best shopping tool for 2020.