Help beat Corona Virus with Flava Buy Now Pay Later Supermarket

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Help beat Corona Virus with Flava Buy Now Pay Later

Help beat Corona Virus with Flava Buy Now Pay Later

If you are wondering how an online supermarket can help to combat a virus, then check out Flava the UK’s only buy now pay later Supermarket. Almost the entire UK is looking to find ways to avoid succumbing to the newest virus to hit the world, the much talked about Corona virus. With all sorts of advice coming from health care advisors and top politicians the most talked about solution apart from washing your hands thoroughly and regularly is to self-isolate and not to leave the house for at least 14 days. For many people this means not being able to go to work as well as not being able to use the local supermarket. Flava buy now pay later can really step in and help.

Flava's Buy Now, Pay Later is Here to Help

With Flava buy now pay later you are able to purchase you groceries on a credit basis, this is great for those who are unable to leave the house as you can do all your transactions online. You are given an initial basket spend of £40 and you can spread payments over 4 weeks. Once the first instalment has been paid by debit or credit card, you can then arrange your home delivery. Flava can assure you that they will never run out of stock and are increasing their stock levels already for the onslaught of extra orders.

When self-isolating yourself you will be also advised not to go to work, at least the politicians have guaranteed that sick pay will start from the first day away from work instead of the usual forth day. This will help a great deal to those who are worrying abut the lack of pay that comes with being off sick from work. Also with your orders being delivered to your front door you can also make sure that you are not passing any illness to the local community. Delivery drivers are now quite used to passing the delivery tablet to sign through the letterbox instead of risking themselves or others to the virus. As with a lot of these worldwide virus’s, some will come to nothing and more will suffer with common ailments such as the common clod or flu, or diseases like measles, but to make sure we are all doing our bit to stop the spread will make a big difference.

With Flava buy now pay later you will not have to worry about being penalised at a time of national emergency as all orders with Flava buy now pay later are paid up in 4 weeks and carry absolutely no interest charges. As well as that you will not have to worry that your credit status will be affected with a credit check either as Flava buy now pay later have no need whatsoever to carry out a search on your credit file. The card that you use to make your first instalment will be used to take the next few weeks instalments and this way you never need to worry about missing a payment.