Groceries on credit, unheard of until now, checkout with Flava today

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Groceries on credit, checkout with Flava today

Groceries on credit, unheard of until now, checkout with Flava today

Unless you have a credit card, there is no other way of buying your food shopping from home on credit until the introduction of Flava buy now pay later, the UK’s first and only supermarket to offer credit to everyone no matter what your financial history may be. When looking at the Flava buy now pay later website it looks completely the same as any other online supermarket with all the same goods for sale that you would expect to see but with one big difference, you are given 4 weeks to spread your total amount in equal easy payments taken directly from your debit card without having to undergo any type of eligibility or credit checks.

Everyone has their unique reasons as to why they may have a poor credit file and some may have a low score just because they have never had credit before, it is well known that to gain credit your need to have to have credit and the entire credit scoring system is geared up to looking at your past creditors and how you have handled the payments. If you have had issues at any time it is all written to your credit file and can be very unfair as your credit file does not really show your current situation only your past. Flava buy now pay later only relies on your ability to repay now and that is why they only use your debit card for security.

All you need to have a Flava buy now pay later account is:

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You will never be asked to provide proof of income or employment and you can open your account in minutes. Flava buy now pay later is a very easy system to use, once you have filled your basket, you head to check out where your total amount is split into 4 weekly payments and as soon as you have paid your first instalment you can choose the best day for your delivery.

Everyone who joins Flava buy now pay later to do their food shopping from home will be given £40 credit to start and once the first order is paid up you will then be given a higher credit limit for your next order. This will keep increasing until you reach £120 where everyone is capped. All orders are given one at a time so you are not in danger of getting into debt and if you do have any issues with payment then it will just take longer for your credit limit to rise, it will not mean that you will have any negative footprints written against your credit file.

Join the Flava buy now pay later supermarket to do your food shopping from home today and even if you do not need it right away it is good to know that you have a cushion of credit that you can use when you need it most. You will never need to give any card details until your have chosen a delivery date.