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Great menu ideas buy now pay later supermarket

Great menu ideas, Flava isn’t just a handy buy now pay later supermarket

It is all very well doing a weekly shop with Flava buy now pay later, but unless you have a good idea of how your menus are going to go over the week then you may end up spending unnecessarily and just finding you have a lot of not needed things in your kitchen cupboards that will stay there for months. With a little help from Flava buy now pay later, you will find that they have dinner ideas for you to create some great meals from around the world. You can have some great curry nights, perfect for a get together with friends, a few beers and the big game, or simple and easy Italian meals to keep the whole family fed mid-week.



One of the best things about Flava buy now pay later is that there is categorically no credit checks or interest charges. The payments you make are split over 2,3 or 4 equal amounts and your delivery is set as soon as you have made your first payment. With no option to spread your payments any longer than 4 weeks you cannot get into any lingering debt with the chance of increasing interest payments like some short term loans, this is NOTHING LIKE A PAYDAY LOAN!!!

Your payments are always taken from your credit or debit card and initially you will be given a £40 credit limit. Once you have used the site a few times and become a trusted member this can be raised to £120 in no time at all. Flava buy now pay later are not about massive credit limits and huge profits, we are just the equivalent of local corner store, but online! We can let you have a tab until your wages arrive, and we can let you pay in instalments.

To get started with Flava try before you buy, head to the website and sign up with your email address and you will be given your credit limit, once you are a member you will then be able to benefit from the member only offers that can really save your some money on your weekly shop.

Flava cover most everyday essentials and they are adding more to the stock ranges daily, the special offers change from day to day and remember to also keep an eye out on the Flavours of the World tabs and see where in the World you can be eating next week!