Get your budgeting under control with Flava

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Get your budgeting under control with Flava

Get your budgeting under control with Flava

You may well be asking yourself, how can using credit help to save money? But read on and you will see how easy it really is with Flava the newest and only buy now pay later supermarket to hit the UK. Long gone are the days when you can run to the corner shop and ask for a bag of shopping on tic and pay for it at the end of the week, those old school shop owners were all replaced by the supermarket giants years ago unfortunately. Well Flava are her now to try and help out and as it goes, they are doing very well and thousands of happy customers in the few months that we have been running can’t be wrong.

Budget Better With Buy Now, Pay Later Supermarket Shopping

Flava buy now pay later are unlike any other supermarkets that are out there, we never charge any interest on purchases, so that means a 0% APR rate at all times. All orders are split into 4 equal instalments and all orders are paid up within this time before any future orders can be made. This means that you can never get into mounting debt and you will not have to pay any late fees or administration charges. Flava do not have any hidden charges and we pride ourselves on being straight down the line and upfront with our customers. You will also never have to have a credit check carried out either.

As soon as you land on the home page of you will be met with a pop up page from one of our live customer service representatives, they will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding delivery or orders, and even show you the special offers of the day. If you don’t want to talk to them, just click them away, they won’t be upset, they have plenty of other customers to talk to!

All you need to sign up with Flava buy now pay later is:

When you realise that you won’t be charged any extra in interest charges than you can really start to budget your grocery shopping. Unlike never really knowing how much your shopping is going to cost until you reach the checkout when you shop the regular way, when you order on credit you know exactly how much is going to be taken from your account each week as you have shopped in advance. You can have at least £40 for your first order and once you have paid that off you are then given another credit limit of £20 more each time until you are capped at £120. All orders are paid up within 4 weeks as this is the time frame where interest will not be charged.

Once you have made your order and paid your first instalment then you can choose your delivery date, this can be on a day and time to suit your lifestyle, this is great for students and shift workers alike.