Get used to doing your shopping with Flava buy now pay later

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Get used to doing your shopping with Flava buy now pay later

Get used to doing your shopping with Flava buy now pay later

For a lot of people across the UK, the way they will shop will change forever now that we have been hit with the pandemic of Corona Virus. Even though the lockdown may be over in a few more weeks, supermarket shopping will still be carrying the social distancing rules for a long time, even years.

Do a Buy Now, Pay Later Food Shop Today

If you like many others are finding doing your food shop a real drag or are worried about leaving the house then food shopping from home with Flava buy now pay later is your best option. By taking credit and turning it to make life easier for many people Flava is the only supermarket in the UK that can offer you an initial basket credit of £40 without a credit check or any interest payments, this is also credit that is open to anyone regardless of past credit issues. This credit can be a real lifeline for many, especially those who have been hit hard with redundancy or furloughed wages.

Flava buy now pay later supermarket is not only great for doing your food shopping from home, but also because you can actually find yourself saving money on your regular shopping budget. Because Flava buy now pay later is a credit scheme, then you will always be more conscious of exactly what you are spending, much more aware than paying with cash or debit card. If you ever wondered why the major supermarkets thrive, then that is because they spend thousands of pounds a day analysing shoppers habits and carefully placing piles of tempting offers so that the average shopper will almost without a second thought, pop unwanted items into their trolley. Flava buy now pay later does not do this, yes there are still special offers, but not so many that it takes you off your original shopping list.

Flava food shopping from home are easily the best way to get your groceries dropped to your front door, in a matter of days and especially if you are short on funds temporarily. You will get emails weekly to let you know all about the offers available, and then it is your choice if you want to use them or now, unlike the sneaky products that somehow find themselves in your trolly when you are shopping from Tesco or Sainsburys.

Even if you shop from home with one of the major supermarkets using the online systems, you will still find that the offers and loss leaders are still pushed to the forefront and this makes shopping a lengthy process, with Flava buy now pay later you can order your food shopping from home in less than half an hour. As soon as you have finished your shopping then head to checkout and you will find that your order will be split into 4 equal instalments and as soon as you have paid your first one you can choose your delivery slot. Sign up to Flava today and make life easy for yourself.