For sensible food shopping try Flava for all your needs

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

For sensible food shopping try Flava for all your needs

For sensible food shopping try Flava for all your needs

If you have not yet heard about the new supermarket that is climbing the ranks of great supermarkets then Flava buy now pay later is the one that you should check out first when thinking about doing your food shopping from home. With the offer of at least £40 credit for your first order, you can not only fill your food cupboards with tasty and exciting meals, you can also spread your payments over four weeks.

To become a Flava buy now pay later customer all you will need is an internet connection and a debit card. There are no lengthy application procedures to follow, in fact you can start ordering your goods straight away once you have signed up with just your email address. It is only when your get to checkout that you will need to enter your debit card details and once the first of four instalments is paid then you are able to choose the best delivery date to suit you. You will also find that the delivery slots that are available will be much quicker than your local supermarket vans can offer.

Sensible buy now pay later

Once you have signed up to Flava buy now pay later you will be sent special offer emails with carefully selected offers that can save you up to 99% on regular prices, even the local supermarkets can not beat the offers that you will receive from Flava. By sending the special offers straight to your email will really help to save you money as I am sure that we are all very guilty of picking up offers all over a local supermarket , not necessarily because they are needed but because they are placed cleverly all over the supermarket in order to make your spend far more than your expected. Many people comment on how much money they save when using Flava buy now pay later for their food shopping from home against their normal supermarket shopping. Have a look at some of the recent special offers that could be yours in minutes:

Another great thing about using Flava buy now pay later is that you will never have to undergo a credit check and your spend limit will rise automatically with every paid up order and still 4 weeks grace to spread payments. With everything going on in the UK at present with local lockdowns and the worry of not knowing if your area will be next then shop sensibly and avoid all the worry about doing your food shopping, stay at home and order from Flava buy now pay later.