Food shopping from home without breaking the bank with Flava

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Food shopping from home without breaking the bank with Flava

Food shopping from home without breaking the bank with Flava

It is still uncertain what is safe and what is not safe when looking to venture outside the home to shop, we should all be wearing masks, but it is not always as simple and straight forward as that may seem. For many who have been shielding the thought of going out is just still too risky and many are still not knowing when their next grocery shop is coming from.

With Flava buy now pay later supermarket all the risk is taken away, you are able to shop for your groceries from home and you do not have to pay for it all at once. Flava buy now pay later is the latest supermarket to make its mark in the UK offering everyone credit to shop for groceries and not only that, a credit search is never needed. As long as you have a debit card with your bank account you will be given £40 starter credit and 4 weeks to pay off your order. Your total spend will be split equally into 4 instalments and taken directly from your debit card without you having to remember to log into your account. Once you have paid off your first order your credit limit will rise automatically by at least another £20 with each subsequent order and the only cap will be once you reach £120. All terms are over 4 weeks, and this means that all orders will carry no extra interest charges either. You pay for the goods you receive and the total at checkout plus delivery is the only price you ever pay.

Feel at home with buy now, pay later at Flava

Flava buy now pay later supermarket has some great special offers that are sent directly to your email inbox instead of you having to trawl through pages of offers before you get to the basics of your shopping list making shopping much more streamlined than shopping from any other online supermarket website that can often take over an hour to do your shopping, that is if you can get a delivery slot within 3 or 4 weeks. With Flava buy now pay later using national delivery couriers instead of just the local supermarket delivery vans, they are able to offer delivery slots much quicker than most as well. Take a look below at some of the latest special offers that are available to all Flava customers and are sent directly to your emails.

Sign up with Flava buy now pay later today and have a look around you have nothing to lose, no credit checks will be carried out on your credit file so you can guarantee that you are not left with any negative footprints and it is always good to have a cushion of credit for when you need it most.