Food shopping from home that guarantees quick delivery

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Food shopping from home that guarantees quick delivery

Food shopping from home that guarantees quick delivery

Having our food shopping delivered to our homes was once thought of as a luxury, now it is an everyday essential that almost every shopper in the UK is urged to take up where they can, especially now the Corona Virus has restricted us again with a second wave. The problem with using home delivery is that just the same as earlier on the year, the local supermarket vans are swamped with orders and it is likely you would have a 3 week wait. If you have no spare money and no way of shopping locally then paying up front for a delivery that will take weeks is not acceptable, this is why Flava buy now pay later is now becoming one of the go to online supermarkets for home delivery.

An account with Flava buy now pay later will give you an initial £40 spend limit and 4 weeks to spread your payments. At checkout you pay your first of 4 equal instalments and you can then choose your delivery slot. Presently customers are being guaranteed delivery within 5 days. Your remaining payments will be taken directly from the debit card you make your first payment with. You can choose the best day of the week that you want the payments to be taken and you can even reduce the number of instalments if you wish, many people prefer to spread over only a few weeks. The choice is yours. Your spend limit will also rise with an extra £20 per future order.

Guaranteed deliver from the UK's best Online supermarket

Flava buy now pay later has everything that you would expect to find in a local shop or supermarket and instead of being bombarded by temping impulse buys, you can expect to see daily emails that give you specially selected offers that not even the giants of supermarkets can offer. There are some great offers presently that can help you stock up on your Christmas goodies such as:

Doing your food shopping from home with Flava is also an unexpected way of saving money as just the fact that you are buying on “credit” will make you far more aware of what you are putting in your basket and even though there are no penalties like interest charges or admin fees it still has the same affect. Much the same when it comes to lessening your impulse buys. We all know the temping smell of the bakery as we walk into the supermarket that suddenly costs us an extra £5 at the checkout, or the piles of buy one get one free, and the free one ends up being thrown out because it is sat in the back of the fridge out of date. Shopping from home with Flava will put a stop to all this and many customers have given feedback about the savings they have made.

Don’t just take our word for it, open your account with Flava today and try it with a no contract, no fuss food shopping from home service that will beat supermarket deliveries hands down.