Food shopping from home and credit Flava can be your new best friend!

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Food shopping from home, Flava is your new best friend!

Food shopping from home and credit Flava can be your new best friend!

Never in the history of supermarkets has credit ever been in the equation unless you use a credit card, and that can be disastrous with the high interest charges if you do not pay off in full every month. Now with the introduction of Flava the UK’s first and only food shopping from home supermarket that gives every customer a starter spend limit of £40 with just a debit card as security, you can fill your food cupboards and have up to 4 weeks to repay.

Because Flava buy now pay later will never use a credit check this means that everyone with a bank account and a debit card will be accepted in minutes and as long as there are no issues with repayments your credit limit will rise with each future order and you can enjoy a line of credit that will never impact on your credit file.

Flava buy now pay later are much the same as any other supermarket with all the well known brands that you love and that includes cleaning products and toiletries as well as pet foods too. There are never any interest charges, at all times there is a 0% APR and because all orders are done one at a time you will never have to worry that you could build up debt when using credit with Flava buy now pay later. If you have ever had credit issues in the past you will surely appreciate that Flava puts you back in control of the credit you receive and build yourself, you can see at a glance the exact amount you will be repaying each week and that can really help you to budget your remaining money. Many Flava customers comment on the savings they see against their normal supermarket shopping and this is not only due to knowing how much is being taken from your bank account weekly but also because you are not picking up special offers at the end of each isle without much thought.

Buy now, pay later id your new friend

Flava buy now pay later does have special offers, and they are better than the main supermarkets can offer by far, but the way they are presented are directly to email which gives the customer more of an opportunity to really think about what they are buying before just popping them in the trolly unconsciously. Take a look at the latest offers:

Sign up to Flava buy now pay later and enjoy the freedom that your own credit account can give you and what’s better is that your delivery will be much quicker than any local supermarket can offer especially at this time when the whole world seems to be waiting for a supermarket delivery.