Flava supermarket is still here to help when you are running out of options

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Flava supermarket is still here to help when you are running out of options

Flava supermarket is still here to help when you are running out of options

This last phase of lockdown has been even harder than the previous ones for many people who are still trying to rebuild their lives after losing jobs or still being furloughed on a lower wage. There should be no reason for anyone to go without during this uncertain time, but many are still slipping between the cracks. Flava buy now pay later supermarket is here to help and without the need for any credit checks you will be able to keep your food cupboards stocked and everyone well fed.

Flava Supermarket Is The Only Option

All you need for an account with Flava buy now pay later supermarket is your email address and your debit card. You will have 4 weeks to spread your payments and your starter credit will be £40 rising to over £100 with good repayment history. All deliveries will be in good time, with many deliveries taking less time that even the local supermarkets can keep up with and as soon as you have paid your first of 4 equal instalments you can choose the best day for your delivery.

As well as being a great allrounder for your food shopping from home, you will also be pleased with the regular emails that contain your specially selected bargains, that start at just 1p. Even the bigger supermarkets can not beat the Flava buy now pay later offers. Have a look at some of the recent offers that Flava customers are enjoying:

Once you have paid off your first order you can then order again with a higher credit limit, and if you want to jump to a higher credit limit of £120 straight away then all you need to do is join Flava Member Benefits and you can pay a small monthly subscription and you will also find your deliveries will be free of charge as well. Because Flava only lets you have one outstanding order at a time you will never find yourself struggling with mounting debt or interest charges.

Flava buy now pay later is the best solution for doing your food shopping from home while everyone is still locked down during the Corona Pandemic sweeping the UK. Without any intrusion into your finances or any negative footprints left on your credit file you can keep you family fed well and all your cleaning and laundry products all delivered to your door inn quick time.