Flava supermarket is on your side for credit without a credit check

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Flava supermarket is on your side for credit without a credit check

Flava supermarket is on your side for credit without a credit check

If you have ever had credit issues in the past then you will understand just how helpful just a small amount of credit can be. With Flava buy now pay later every new customer can expect £40 credit to do their food shopping from home and this is without the need for any form of credit check. Not only can you shop from home on credit you can also expect your delivery to be in quick time, as all local supermarkets are once again overrun with deliveries and some people are waiting up to 3 weeks for their delivery and that is when it is paid in advance. Not everyone has the funds to be able to wait that long. This is where Flava buy now pay later supermarket really comes into its own.

No Credit Check Flava Is Easy To Use

All you need is your email address and your debit card to hand, you can start shopping for your groceries straight away and it is only when you get to the checkout that you will need to enter your debit card details. All orders are split equally into 4 instalments and as soon as you have paid your first instalment you can set your best delivery date to suit you. You are also able to set the best day of the week for your remaining instalments to be taken directly from your debit card.

Doing your food shopping from home with Flava buy now pay later is very different from using any local supermarket or online store, one of the big differences is that all your special offers are sent directly to your email address and this lessens the impulse buying that happens when you are faced with hundreds of offers stacked up all over the store in the hope that you will pick them up and pop in your trolley. This only really serves the supermarket profits as many times we are all guilty of throwing out goods that have reached their sell by date and remain unused. Here are some of the latest offers from Flava buy now pay later by email:

With Flava buy now pay later you can stick to your basics without being overwhelmed by offers. This is not to say that your personal offers are not as good, in fact they are so good that even the big supermarkets would be hard pushed to beat. Many offers are giving you up to 99% off and are sent to you regularly and this way you have much more of a conscious choice when it comes to what you are spending your money on. Also the fact that you are using credit will always make you more aware of what you are buying even though shopping with Flava buy now pay later is penalty free with no interest or hidden admin charges at any time.