Flava is here to help with credit for groceries

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Flava is here to help with credit for groceries

Flava is here to help with credit for groceries

Now that the government has decided on a total lockdown for the nation the panic buying has already started and if you are not in a position both financially or for shielding reasons for not stepping outside of the home for your grocery shopping then the Flava buy now pay later supermarket can help. If you have a debit card then you can guarantee acceptance with £40 starter credit to do your food shopping from home.

With Flava buy now pay later supermarket each and every customer is given £40 credit to begin and with 4 weeks to spread your payments. Once you have paid off your first order you can be guaranteed a higher credit limit for your next order by at least an extra £20. If you want a higher credit limit you can access up to £120 with a small monthly subscription and with that you also get your deliveries free of charge.

You will find all you need with Flava buy now pay later and you are able to access all goods with just your email address and your debit card. At no point will Flava buy now pay later ever carry out a credit check, your debit card will be all the security you need. This leaves your credit file untouched with negative searches and can even help to build your credit score with great payment history.

Buy now pay later groceries on credit

You will be amazed with the special offers that you can access from Flava buy now pay later, instead of bombarding your with lots of temping offers you will find that you are sent them directly to your email address and this helps to cut down on impulse buying and can lead to great savings when compared to regular supermarket shopping from the High Street. Have a look at some of the recent offers that happy customers have taken advantage of;

Once you have made your first of 4 payments you can access the delivery slots and you will find that these will be much quicker than any local supermarket can currently offer. There are many reasons to keep yourself safe during the unprecedented Covid 19 pandemic and stepping outside to do your food shopping can be addressed quite easily. With the helping hand of a small amount of credit that carries no interest or admin charges you can keep yourself and your family well fed and anxiety free.