Flava has revolutionised food shopping from home

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Flava has revolutionised food shopping from home

Flava has revolutionised food shopping from home

Until the introduction of the Flava buy now pay later supermarket the only way you could do your food shopping from home on credit was by using a credit card, and as you are probably aware unless the credit card is paid in full each month you will be subject to high interest charges. At this precarious time in everyone’s lives with the Corona Virus pandemic, credit card debt is probably something you don’t want to get involved with, Flava buy now pay later supermarket is the best solution to avoid this and still shop from home for your groceries.

With Flava buy now pay later all you need to become a customer is your debit card. At no point with you ever have to undergo a credit check, as your debit card will guarantee payments. Every new customer will be given at least £40 credit with 4 weeks to spread payments and this will mean that what ever happens with local lockdowns you will still be able to fill your food cupboards with tasty and nutritional foods to keep the family fed without having to brave the local supermarkets, and all the social distancing and PPE rules that many will not abide by, making shopping very stressful especially if you are looking after elderly or infirm relatives.

Buy now pay later revolutionised

Once you start doing your food shopping from home with Flava buy now pay later you will also notice that you will start to save a great deal of money against your regular shopping trips, this is because all of your great special offers from Flava are sent directly to your email inbox. This means that you do not have to be tempted by the piles of special offers that are cleverly placed in local supermarkets in order to make you part with more money than you originally expected to spend. Also because you are shopping on credit, this will subconsciously make you far more careful with your purchases than if you were paying with cash. Many happy returning customers have commented on this and just how easy it is to budget knowing exactly what will be taken out of their bank weekly to cover groceries.

Once you have signed up to Flava buy now pay later with your email address you can start shopping and fill your basket with the great brand names that you love and trust immediately. There is a great range of food items as well as cleaning and toiletry products that you can purchase also so nothing will go amiss just because you are not able to go shopping locally.