Flava gets service you deserve without a credit check

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Flava gets service you deserve without a credit check

Flava gets service you deserve without a credit check

When you have had credit issues it can take an age to get your credit file back into shape, even if you pay off any debts in full you will still have the negative footprints left for quite a while for future creditors to see. With Flava buy now pay later supermarket you are now able to buy your food shopping from home and have 4 weeks to spread your payments, this is a welcome relief for many at this uncertain time.

Flava buy now pay later will give every new customer £40 credit to spend online at Flava.co.uk as long as thy have a bank account and debit card. All payments are taken directly from the debit card and as soon as the order is paid up you are able to order again with a higher credit limit. With Flava by now pay later food shopping from home could not be easier. If you have tried to log onto a regular supermarket like Tesco or Asda, you will find that delivery slots are weeks ahead and of course, all orders need to be paid in full at the time of ordering. Unless you pay with a credit card you will never get credit to do your food shopping from any ordinary supermarket. Another great thing about Flava buy now pay later is that unlike a credit card there are no interest charges on the credit you receive. What you see as your total at checkout is the total price you pay.

Buy now, pay later, no credit check

All supermarkets have special offers and Flava buy now pay later are no different apart from the way the offers are presented. As you will already know when you walk into a local supermarket you will be very aware of the piles of special offers that are available and unless you are a very disciplined shopper sticking only to your shopping list, a few offers will find their way into your basket and take your total at checkout over the amount you intended to pay. The way that Flava buy now pay later gives their special offers is by email directly, and this give the customer more of a conscious choice to take the offers or not. Many customers have commented on how much they save on their regular shopping costs and this is because the tend to stick to their shopping list much better when not bombarded with tempting offers. Have a look at some of the latest offers from Flava buy now pay later:

Once you have joined Flava buy now pay later you will always have a cushion of credit for when you need it most to do your food shopping from home, with quick delivery and increasing credit limits you cant go wrong.