Flava for great home shopping without a credit check

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Flava for great home shopping without a credit check

Flava for great home shopping without a credit check

I’m sure you have heard about the disastrous delivery waiting times for regular local supermarkets since the Covid 19 pandemic has swept across the UK, and how frustrating that has been for thousands of customers. Apart from having to pay in full at the time of ordering and then having to wait for up to three weeks for delivery, the delivery service has not actually helped that much as people are still having to go outside the home to shop to keep them going until the big shop arrives. Shopping from home with Flava buy now pay later is not only a great way to shop in credit without the need for a credit check they can also guarantee delivery much quicker as they use national couriers instead of the local supermarket vans.

Each new customer with Flava buy now pay later will have £40 credit to spend and 4 weeks to spread the payments. Because Flava boy now pay later only uses your debit card as security your credit file is never touched, and this means that future creditors will never see any negative footprints left by them. All payments are taken directly from your debit card on a weekly basis on the day of the week that you choose so you do not even have to worry about missing any payments. As soon as your order is paid up your can then order again and if there is no issue with your payments you can expect a higher credit limit with each subsequent order.

No credit check buy now, pay later

All you need to open your account with Flava buy now pay later is your debit card and your email address, but take a look below at more great reasons to become a Flava customer today:

Flava buy now pay later are very much the same as any local supermarket with the goods on sale and with the great brand names you know and trust but with the added advantage of being able to spread payments over 4 weeks. Once you are a customer of Flava you will start to see some real savings in your bank account if you measure your regular spending in local supermarkets. The fact that your order is split equally into 4 instalments you will know exactly how much your shopping costs you every week, and as you already probably realise, in a regular supermarket your total at checkout is usually more than you expected. This is probably because of the tempting special offers that are cunningly placed throughout the supermarket so that shoppers will unconsciously throw them into the trolly thinking they are a good deal when in reality they were probably not needed and thrown out when out of date.