Flava for doing your food shop from home buy now pay later

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Flava for doing your food shop from home without a credit check

Flava for doing your food shop from home without a credit check

Over the last few years Flava buy now pay later online supermarket has really taken food shopping from home to another level, before now the only way your could do your grocery shop on credit and not pay in advance would be to use a credit card and this can be bad news if you have already got a poor credit score. With Flava you will never pay any interest charges so straight away it is a better way to shop that using a credit card. All Flava purchases are secured with just your debit card.

Buy Now Pay Later the Right Way

Every customer new to Flava by now pay later online supermarket will be given £40 instant credit with 4 weeks to spread payments, and you can shop straight away without having to undergo any lengthy contract forms or credit checks, it is only at the checkout page that you have to enter any debit card details so you do not need to worry that your card details are misused. Your credit limit will rise after every paid up order until you are caped at £120, if you want to jump straight to the higher credit limit, you can join the Flava Member Benefits and fore a small monthly subscription you can have the hight credit limit and all your deliveries free of charge as well.

Another great thing with Flava buy now pay later online supermarket is that you will start to receive emails that will have your specially selected offers, these offers start at just 1p and even the giant supermarkets can not beat them, have a look at some of the most recent offers that Flava customers are enjoying:

Tea and biscuits for only 1P, saving £4.34 including:

Smarties button box of 24 for just 1p

Mega Easter bundle for just 1p, saving £19.99 including:

There will be an offer for everyone with Flava buy now pay later online supermarket and when you have an account you will also have automatic acceptance to Yes Catalogue, the only bad credit catalogue in the UK that has no credit checks. Flava online supermarket really is the helping hand that you have been searching for especially in the current climate where everyone is struggling with income and outgoings. Join today with just your email address and you can start shopping straight away, you will also find that your deliveries will be much quicker that the local supermarkets can keep up with as they use national couriers.