Flava buy now pay later online supermarket

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Flava Buy Now Pay Later Online Supermarket

Flava buy now pay later online supermarket

As well as finding all you need to stock your cupboards, Flava also has a great selection of Christmas and seasonal products to last you through the upcoming festivities. With a promise of no credit checks and also no hidden charges or interest payments, Flava buy now pay later has really found the right solution for grocery shipping on credit. You can spread your payments 4 weeks or less and the price you pay is exactly what you see on screen when you order. The only other charge is the delivery cost, and if you join Member Benefits you can even get that free with a delivery pass.

Buy Now, Pay Later Online Supermarket at Flava

Flava is a fuss free and convenient way to shop for groceries online, you are not hassled into submitting your order quickly in case you lose your delivery slot and you will not be given pages upon pages of tempting offers, serving to take you far away from your original shopping list. Many people have now realised that by shopping on credit with Flava they can actually start saving money and are beginning to budget better.

All you need to become a customer of Flava buy now pay later supermarket is you emails address and once you have your order in your basket your will then be asked for a delivery address and for your first scheduled payment. This can be taken from your bank account directly and your payments will be taken in weekly equal amounts. No need to worry about missing a payment. You don’t have to worry about Flava buy now pay later becoming another debt, as we only allow one order at a time and that has to be paid in full before another order can be taken.

Once you have signed up for Flava you will be astonished at the great offers you will have emailed to you that only the priority Members can access. From over 90% discounts that the other supermarkets just cannot beat. How often can you find a sharing bag of Aero peppermint chocolate for just 1p? Offers like this are readily available straight to your inbox.

With Flava you are given a £40 basket credit and as long as your first order is paid up in good time your next basket credit will rise to over £100. You are completely in control with Flava as your chosen supermarket, with its buy now pay later options. You can choose your delivery time and date to suit your lifestyle, and you can decide the best day for your payments to be taken from your account. You need not worry that Flava are just like all the other buy now pay later websites, we promise never to carry out a credit check or that any interest payments will be taken.