Flava online supermarlet for the best in customer service and quick delivery

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Flava buy now pay later for the best in customer service and quick delivery

Flava buy now pay later for the best in customer service and quick delivery

If you have been looking for a new way to do your food shopping from home then why not consider Flava buy now pay later online supermarket for not only the best service to give you credit without a credit check, but you will also enjoy great delivery options that are currently much quicker than most of the local supermarket deliveries can keep up with due to excess demand.

Reliability With Our Online Supermarket Flava

Flava buy now pay later online supermarket has been developed over the last two years to really help people who are struggling to get any form of credit and have been left with a low income due the pandemic. With a great starter credit of £40 you can buy all you need from a supermarket and you will have a breathing space of 4 weeks to spread your repayments. You will also find that your next order will carry a higher credit lit and this is only caped at £120. You can even jump to the higher credit limit by joining Flava Member Benefits and for a small monthly subscription you can have the £120 straight away and all your deliveries will be free of charge as well.

You will find all your basics shopping needs with Flava buy now pay later supermarket:

Once you have signed up to Flava buy now pay later online supermarket you will start to receive emails with all your special offers, by using these offers it will have the benefit of cutting out the majority of impulse buys that you will inevitably find in the local supermarkets taking you way off your shopping list and pushing up the amount you wanted to spend. The offers that are sent to you are fantastic and starting from just 1p, this is something that even the giant supermarkets will have trouble trying to beat. Have a look below at some of the latest offers that Flava customers are enjoying:

Twin Pack Nestle Go Free Coco Rice Cereal for only 1P

Drinks Bundle for only 1P including:

Kind Caramel Almond & Sea Salt Bars for only 1P

FREE hamper for all new customers worth over £21 including:

Once you have opened your Flava buy now pay later account you can start shopping in minutes and with 4 weeks to spread each orders payments you will not have to worry about having to find the full amount like you would when shopping in a local supermarket, there will never be any interest charges and only one order at a time will make sure that you never find yourself in excess debt.