Extra Discounts with Member Benefits from Flava

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Extra Discounts with Member Benefits from Flava

Extra Discounts with Member Benefits from Flava

Once you have seen the great range of goods available from Flava buy now pay later online supermarket we are pretty sure that you will want to sign up with your email address just to get access to the Member Benefits alone. These include some great delivery options that include free monthly packages and extra discounts on products of up to 93% on the daily deals sent out by email to our members.

There is nothing like the buy now pay later basket credit that Flava online supermarket offer currently available in the UK, the only way you could ever get groceries on credit would be to use a credit card, and as you already know, that carries a huge interest rate. With Flava, we can guarantee you a four week period where you can pay in equal instalments, no added interest and no hidden charges. You cannot get into debt with Flava buy now pay later, as you can not spread your payments any longer than 4 weeks and so no rolling interest rates will mount up. We will not accept any future orders until the last instalment has been paid off on your previous order.

Member Benefit discounts with Flava buy now pay later

Flava buy now pay later are the perfect solution if you like many others, are not able to get to the supermarkets due to your working shifts or transport issues, or just in a financial bind until the next payday. We have helped thousands of people; you only have to hear what our happy customers have had to say about our unique service so far. With the promise of not having your credit file compromised with an unnecessary credit check, you have nothing to lose by doing your monthly shop with Flava buy now pay later.

You are able to choose your repayment dates and your delivery slot as soon as you make your first instalment payment. Flava buy now pay later will take your payments directly from your debit card so you do not have to worry about logging into your account to manually make payments, all you need is a UK bank account.

When you have used Flava buy now pay later once you will see that not only will you gain control of your payments you will also be able to start to save money as you will not be tempted to spend more money than you have, and Flava do not bombard you with unwanted products that will end up at the back of your food cupboards going out of date. Do yourself a favour and sign up to Flava today, it will be the best home shopping move you make.