Don’t think you have run out of options until you look at Flava

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Don’t think you have run out of options until Flava

Don’t think you have run out of options until you look at Flava

Navigating the supermarkets in this current climate of the Covid 19 pandemic has been the topic of most peoples conversations for the last 5 months at least, and we can all remember the mad panic buying in the very early days where local supermarket shelves were empty of the essentials. If you have not yet heard about Flava buy now pay later supermarket, the UK’s first and only food shopping from home credit supermarket, then you may have missed out on months of stressless food shopping with just your debit card for security and 4 weeks to spread your payments.

With local supermarket online shopping you will need to pay in full at checkout with your debit or credit card but with Flava buy now pay later you can spread your payments over 4 weeks with just your debit card as security and no credit checks needed at any time. You an also be guaranteed that your deliveries will be a lot quicker than the local supermarket vans as well as Flava buy now pay later uses national couriers and you will not have to wait weeks or be elderly or disabled to get preferential treatment where they are concerned.

All you need to have a Flava buy now pay later supermarket account is just an email address and a debit card, it is as simple as that! Flava buy now pay later will give every new customer £40 credit to spend in store online and the total is spread over 4 weeks in equal amounts and taken directly from your debit card. You can choose the best day of the week that your payment is taken and as soon as you pay your first instalment you can chose your delivery slot.

Flava buy now pay let supermarket has everything you could need to keep your food cupboards full of tasty and interesting meals for all the family:

Buy now pay later and spread the cost

You will never find yourself in mounting debt with Flava buy now pay later as they only allow one order at a time and you can not order again until the last one is paid up in full. Once you have paid off your order with no issues then you will be given a higher credit limit if you want it by and extra £20 each order, this is only capped when you reach £120. This is the same for every customer. Every customer gets preferential treatment with Flava buy now pay later!

However you and your loved ones are finding your way through the lockdown and the slow emergence back to normal, make life easier for yourself and join Flava buy now pay later and let your food shopping from home be one less problem you have to worry about. You will also enjoy the amazing special offers that you will be sent each week to your emails saving up to 99% against retail prices on carefully selected deals just for you.