Don't fret! Check out Flava Buy Now Pay Later

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Don't fret! Check out Flava Buy Now Pay Later

Don't fret! Check out Flava Buy Now Pay Later

If you thought that there was nowhere left to turn, and toast is looking like the only thing on the menu for the next week until payday then look no further. Flava buy now pay later are a brand new online supermarket that can offer everyone credit for their groceries. Not only are you guaranteed acceptance as long as you have a bank account with a debit card or a credit card, you will not have to have a credit check carried out on your credit file either.

At Flava, the UK’s only grocery supermarket that offers credit, you will be given an initial or starter basket credit of £40, this will rise by £20 each time you reorder, as long as you pay off your last order without issue. Once you have paid your first instalment you can choose your delivery slot at a time to suit you. Flava is great for everyone from students to shift workers there are many reasons why shopping on credit and home delivery can work out well and it is not for just when times are hard.

Stop! Flava Can Help With Buy Now, Pay Later Food Shops

Savvy shoppers will actually start to save money, and even though you are buying on credit, with a 0% APR interest rate, it will still give you the credit cautions and you will automatically not just spend willy nilly. It sounds silly but it is true. When you tot up how much you have spent over the month in shopping when buying with Flava and compare it against the regular shopping trips to the local supermarket you will probably find at least a 20% saving.

Flava have only been trading for just over two months but already they have thousands of happy customers who have been willing to leave great reviews because a helping hand when you need it is priceless. Look at these 5 star review from real customers just like you:

With only having the facility to order once at a time you will never find your self with mounting debts, Flava pride themselves on not adding to anyone’s debt problems, which is why they don’t carry out intrusive credit checks that can only make a problem credit file worse and never charge any extra in interest. All orders are paid up within 4 weeks and from the minute you fill your basket and head to check out your will know exactly how much money each week you will have to pay, there are no hidden charges and definitely no nasty surprises, Flava buy now pay later is the new name to trust in home shopping.