Doing your food shopping could not be easier with Flava

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Food shopping from home could not be easier with Flava

Doing your food shopping from home could not be easier with Flava

With the whole world thrown into turmoil because of the Corona Pandemic who would have thought that the UK would be ordered to be wearing masks when doing their normal everyday shopping just a few months ago, but unfortunately those are now the rules. If you like many others are just not confident to do this or are feeling anxious that others will not obey the rules then perhaps doing your food shopping from home is the best bet for you.

If money is also becoming more of a problem the longer the pandemic runs then being able to buy your food shopping on credit will be a welcome relief as well. Flava buy now pay later does it all, food shopping from home and on credit. The credit that you can have from Flava buy now pay later is unlike any form of credit you may have come across in the past, it does not carry any interest charges and it will also not induce any credit searches on your credit fie. All payments are secured against your debit card and spread over 4 weeks.

Buy now pay later is easy as 123 with Flava

All you need to join Flava buy now pay later is below:

The Flava buy now pay later supermarket is much the same as any other supermarket or local shops in the range of food on sale, with great well-known brands and all on the same 4 week payment terms taken directly from your debit card. You are given £40 credit immediately on joining and it is not until you reach checkout and arrange your delivery date that you need to pay your first payment which will be a quarter of the total amount only, and that will be without any added extra admin or interest charges ever. You only pay for your order and delivery charges.

Once you have paid up your first order you will be happy to see that your credit limit will rise by an extra £20 with each future order. The total amount of credit you can have with Flava buy now pay later is £120 and you can jump straight to this amount if you sign up to the Flava Member Benefits account by paying a small amount each month and if you do this you will get all your deliveries free of charge as well, it is totally your choice. Either way you will still bypass the credit check and leave your credit file untouched by negative credit searches.

Stay at home where you can and forget about masking up just to go and get your food shopping, do it at home from Flava buy now pay later on 4 weeks credit and see how your anxiety decreases immediately. You do not have to worry about social distancing or standing in queues, your shopping will be delivered to your door and your payments taken automatically. You can even help others shop for themselves by introducing them to Flava buy now pay later too.