Do your Food Shopping with Flava Buy Now Pay Later

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Do your Food Shopping with Flava Buy Now Pay Later

Do your Food Shopping with Flava Buy Now Pay Later

For a lot of people across the UK, the way they will shop will change forever now that we have been hit with the pandemic of Corona Virus. Even though the lockdown may be over in a few more weeks, supermarket shopping will still be carrying the social distancing rules for a long time, even years. If you have been asked to take unpaid leave or have just been furloughed or made redundant, you may well still be waiting to get any any benefits into your account but at least with Flava you can feed and clean your family, without being crushed with high interest charges and unwanted searches made on your credit account

Everyone Can Buy Now, Pay Later at Flava

Flava buy now pay later are a newcomer to the supermarket giants but has very quickly solved thousands of peoples problems with cash flow and grocery shopping, even before the pandemic arrived in the UK. Our feedback from many satisfied customers speaks for itself. One of the best things about Flava buy now pay later food shopping from home is that because all orders on credit are paid off within 4 weeks they will never charge a penny in interest or any kind of admin fee either. The only charge extra to the final bill will be your delivery, but if you sign up to member benefits then you can probably get that free of charge with one or more offers they have running.

Food shopping from home on credit is just about the best thing around at the moment as it is available to everyone with a debit card and internet access. Everyone is able to have at least £40 credit and future orders will have higher spend limits by at least £20 each order. Everyone who is food shopping online with Flava buy now pay later will be assessed individually and as long as your payments have been paid on time your next order will be authorised with a higher limit.

There are no lengthy contracts to fill in to join Flava buy now pay later because they are not interested in your income or outgoings and are less interested in contacting your employer or asking for proof of benefits. As long as you have a debit card and can make sure that you have funds in your account for payments to be taken, that is all the guarantee needed. Once you check out your shopping you will see exactly what payments are needed, and that will always be an equal split into 4 instalments, and then you know precisely what is being taken from your account on the dates you choose. With just the first small payment you can get a full basket of shopping that will last you until you get some cashflow back into your account and you will not be left with added interest charges or negative footprints on your credit file.