Do your food shopping from home using Flava to stay safe

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Do your food shopping from home using Flava to stay safe

Do your food shopping from home using Flava to stay safe

Doing your food shopping has become one of the most common things to worry about since the outbreak of the Corona virus outbreak this year, but with the help of Flava buy now pay later supermarket, the UK’s latest and only credit supermarket you now have options that were previously unheard of.

With many other normal options running out for shopping outside of the home without using masks and PPE since the 24th July, unless you are medically exempt, then there is little choice and you may have noticed locally that traffic and people on the streets has lessened again because of this. Obviously there is a very good reason that face masks are being recommended but for many it is very stressful and the feeling of claustrophobia is unsettling even for just a small time in the local shops but if you have to send time in a crowded supermarket then you will know just how very different food shopping has become. It is not only difficult to make sure that your mask stays in place it is also annoying when you bend over to look at something or to pack your bags when the mask rides up your face and you seem to be touching your face far more that you were before being ordered to wear one. With all the advice from government and health authorities telling us to be aware not to touch our faces this adds to the extra stress we are all facing.

Buy now pay later food delivered

If you have a healthy bank account or a credit card then food shopping from home from the normal supermarkets is all well and good, if you can get a delivery slot, which in itself is another nightmare, but if you like thousands of others have suffered a job loss or furloughed from work and find your finances at a low then the Flava buy now pay later supermarket is the welcome helping hand you need.

To put things in simple terms all you will need to become a Flava buy now pay later customer and do your food shopping from home is a UK bank account and a debit card. There will be no need for a credit check, you will be given £40 initial credit that is split over 4 weeks and taken weekly from your debit card. Once your first order is paid up, you can then order again, and you will be given an extra £20 credit. This continues until you reach £120 credit, still on the same 4 week terms and still without a credit check.

The range of goods and brands available with Flava buy now pay later are exactly the same well known and trusted brands that you will be used to and all on the same buy now pay later terms. You will not have to worry about getting into debt as you are unable to have more that one order at a time and with no added interest payments you only pay for the goods in your basket and no more. You will also find that the delivery slots are far more available that the local supermarkets as Flava buy now pay later use national delivery couriers rather than just the supermarket vans.