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You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Credit without a Credit Check, Flava Buy Now Pay Later

Credit without a Credit Check, Flava Buy Now Pay Later

Credit without a credit check? that is just unheard of, surely it is the dreaded credit check that scuppers most everyone with a poor credit file from getting credit in the first place. Well Flava buy now pay later are here to re-write the history books when it comes to getting credit. Not only do they promise everyone credit as long as you have a debit or credit card there is also no interest charges, yes you read that correctly, absolutely no interest charges. 0% APR forever. Flava buy now pay later are able to offer this as all orders are paid up in 4 weeks or less, they don’t allow any orders to be spread for longer than this and this is how they are able to remain interest free and pass that benefit on to you the customer.

What Can You on a Buy Now, Pay Later Basis?

Flava buy now pay later are just like any other supermarket in all other respects, just take a look below at the different types of gods on sale:

As well as all the basics, you will find all you need for the home cleaning and laundry not forgetting the pets and personal care. All of your needs are catered for on a no interest, no credit check quick delivery package from Flava, the UKs only buy now pay later supermarket.

Add together the extra special Member Benefits that you will always get with Flava, you will be quid’s in, as every day you will get an email with offers that even the supermarket giants can’t beat. Today’s special offer is Maltesers Buttons 189g Chocolate Pouch for 1p! who can beat that? Have a look at some of the great offers that you can expect to see in your inbox soon:

Once you have signed up to Flava buy now pay later online supermarket you can then choose your own delivery slot and payment dates to suit your budget and lifestyle. You can spread your payments over 4 weeks, with no credit checks or interest charges. There is not one other supermarket in the UK that can promise you this level of help, Flava can be your new best friend and you only have to look at the brilliant feed back that we have in just a few short months to see how we have really help the ordinary people to not only bridge the gap between paydays but help them to save money and get their shopping budget under control. sign up today it will be the best thig you do all year!