Choose to do your food shopping on credit

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Choose to do your food shopping on credit

Choose to do your food shopping on credit

If you have been searching for a better way to do your food shopping from home rather than standing in queues and trying to socially distance at the same time then its time to try Flava buy now pay later. In all respects Flava buy now pay later the UK’s only credit supermarket is exactly the same as any other local supermarket or corner shop, but you can buy your goods on interest free credit with payments spread equally over 4 weeks. You will also never have to undergo any type of credit eligibility search either.

Food Shopping Using Buy Now, Pay Later Credit

The reason that Flava buy now pay later can offer credit to everyone is that they take the repayments directly from your debit card and this is the only guarantee they need. Your first credit limit order will be up to the value of £40 and once that is paid up your can then order again with a higher credit limit of at least an extra £20 with successive orders. This credit increase will rise until it is capped at £120 and still with the same 4 weeks to pay up and again, no credit checks.

The things that many of our happy customers have to say about Flava buy now pay later are fantastic, letting us know that they find the service not only extremely convenient but also more than happy with the home delivery and credit to really help out when a lot of peoples finances have been reduced at the moment due to the Corona Virus pandemic.

You will find everything you could need at Flava buy now pay later to fill your cupboards with healthy and nutritional meals as well as a great range of cleaning and laundry products, even pet foods and toiletries.

Because all orders are paid off within 4 weeks you will never find a penny in interest charges ever, that is a promise that no other credit provider can offer. Once you have signed up to Flava buy now pay later food shopping from home you will start to receive emails on a daily basis with the special offer of the day, these offers are only available for Flava Member Benefits and are carefully chosen to give everyone offers that they may want. With the email offers you can start to really have control of your shopping, and not just throwing items not your trolly because they are placed in positions that selected by supermarket analysts to make you spend more subconsciously. Much of the feedback responses from our customers is that the are finding a reduction in the amount they spend usually in the regular supermarkets.

You have nothing to lose by opening your Flava buy now pay later account today as you do not have to give debit card details until you have filled your basket and are choosing your delivery date. What are you waiting for, join Flava today and start doing your food shopping from home and make the most of the spare time usually spent in a queue!