Changing the way you shop with Flava buy now pay later

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Changing the way you shop with Flava buy now pay later

'Changing the way you shop with Flava buy now pay later

Until now it has been unheard of to be able to buy your groceries on credit, unless you were on friendly terms with the local shopkeeper or by using a ridiculously high interest credit card. Now that Flava has hit the headlines for being the first UK supermarket that offers a buy now pay later scheme, you will not have to worry about any other solution. With just your email address and debit card you can order all you need for a weekly shop and then spread payments over the next 4 weeks.

Shop Today - Buy Now, Pay Later

Flava buy now pay later is a service that anyone can use, as long as you can make the repayments by debit card. There will never be any need for a credit check and because all orders are paid up within four weeks there is never any added interest either. You will pay for exactly what you order and nothing more.

Flava is very easy to sign up to, all orders are paid up within 4 weeks and sometimes less, they manage not to charge any interest because of this. They have no need to pass any charges onto their customers so they can confidently offer 0% APR on every purchase, try finding any other supermarket that can do this! You cannot reorder until your last order is paid and this means that you will never have to worry about getting into any recurring debt. With so many different products available and some extra special Member Benefit deals you will never run out of wonderful menu ideas for everyday of the week. All you need is your email address to sign up for Flava, and as soon as you do, you will start to receive some fantastic discounts for the Member Benefits, these can range from 1p items that give you 100% discount, or monthly delivery passes that mean your delivery charge is next to nothing or free.

Once you have paid off your first order, you will be given a higher basket credit limit and another 4 weeks to pay. So Simple! In fact your credit limit will keep rising until you can get £120, again without a penny in interest charges or the need for a credit check. Flava buy now pay later are the perfect solution for all the hard studying, hardworking people who just need a helping hand every now and then, without being punished for it with high interest charges. With Flava buy now pay later you can choose your delivery days and your payment days to suit yourself as well, very handy for those who are paid weekly or work shifts.

Flava buy now pay later supermarket is all inclusive and everyone is welcome, with no need for a credit check no one will ever be judged on their financial situation and you can carry on with daily life knowing that you have found the best answer to keep your cupboards full in times where a cash shop is just not possible.