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'Buy Now, Pay Later' Groceries Delivered To Your Door

'Buy Now, Pay Later' Groceries Delivered To Your Door

It doesn’t matter whether you are stocking up the cupboards with household essentials or doing the weekly shop for a large family, buying groceries is expensive. Even if you choose the cheaper alternatives and only buy the items you specifically need, it all adds up. This can be hugely problematic if you are on a limited budget and if you still have a week or two until payday, as going without isn’t an option. Rather than dipping into savings or struggling with other expenses, use our Buy Now, Pay Later’ option. At Flava, you can buy your groceries now and pay for them at a later date.

What Makes ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Groceries So Great?

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There really is no better time to sign up for ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ groceries than right now. Though you may already have a favourite local supermarket, it’s highly unlikely that it gives you the option to pay for your shopping on a date that suits you. If you still have a week until payday, buy now and pay later. If you have had an unexpected financial expense crop up this month, buy now and pay later. At Flava, we focus on making your shopping an affordable and budget friendly task. There’s really no need to worry about how you can afford to stock the cupboards and treat your family, not when Flava has a tonne of fantastic products waiting to be delivered to your door. To find out more about ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ groceries, get in touch with Flava.