Bridge the gap with Flava buy now pay later

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Bridge the gap with Flava buy now pay later

Bridge the gap with Flava buy now pay later

If you are feeling the pinch in between paydays, then you are not alone. There a literally thousands of people just like you wo have signed up to Flava buy now pay later, the UK’s newest and most forward thinking online supermarket. One of the reasons that many have found Flava irresistible is that they can offer credit to do your grocery shop, and there are no added interest payments. As well as the lack of interest charges, Flava buy now pay later will never need to carry out a credit check either.

Spread the Cost of Food Shopping With Buy Now, Pay Later

With Flava buy now pay later all payments are spread over 4 weeks, any if they offered longer repayment terms then that is when interest has to be charged, so Flava divide the final cost of your order into four equal instalments and they are taken weekly from your debit card on dates to suit you. As soon as you have paid your first instalment your can then go onto choose your delivery date. Flava do not allow any more than one order at a time, and this is how they are able to make sure that no one gets into increasing debt due to grocery shopping.

Flava have all you could ever need to stock your kitchen cupboards, including cleaning products and toiletries. They also have everything you need for the pets of the house, plus a great treat selection for the kids, or you! From sauces and spices to biscuits and cereals, you will find the perfect balance of product choice but not an overwhelming mass of special offers to trawl through before you can get to your basics. Flava buy now pay later are very much aware of how much money can be lost on needless purchases when wandering around a regular supermarket, so they limit their special offers to emails. These are called member benefits, and you will find discounted goods that are incredibly good value, with as much as 99% saving at times.

Once you start to see how much your shopping is costing you weekly, you may like many others, start to see a real saving against your normal way of shopping. This is one of the pleasant side effects when buying on a 0% APR credit scheme. You only end up paying for exactly your goods received, no interest payments to bump up the prices. You will be surprised just how careful a shopper you will become when you are buying on credit as well. It is an unconscious mindset that sees the word “CREDIT” and will immediately take more care with your purchases than you probably do when you are shopping with cash or a debit card. This is where a lot of customers have started to save money without even trying, so why not try Flava buy now pay later for yourself.