Best Solution for Grocery Shopping with Buy Now Pay Later

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Best Solution for Grocery Shopping with Buy Now Pay Later

Best Solution for Grocery Shopping with Buy Now Pay Later

Until now the only way you could get any grocery shopping on credit was to chat up your local corner shop owner or to use a credit card with high interest rates. At Flava we have the perfect solution with buy now pay later for your groceries and a fantastic initial £40 credit limit guaranteed to start with. Flava will spread your payments over 4 weeks equally and as soon as you make your first payment your shopping will be delivered at a time to suit you.

The great thing about using buy now pay later terms is that you can budget exactly for your paydays and not spend a penny more than you can really afford. When you go shopping in a supermarket with cash in your hand, undoubtedly you will end up with ridiculous impulse buys that will soon disappear and at the end of the week you will still be searching the empty cupboards for a decent meal. Flava can really help to end those days and you can start to maintain a healthy and regular diet for every day of the week not just until the cash runs out.

Grocery Shopping You Can Buy Now, Pay Later

With our stock ranges being added to daily Flava buy now pay later supermarket will have you enjoying your free time as well as taking away the constant worry about paying for much needed groceries. If you are stuck in the middle of the month and payday seems a long way off, then let Flava help out.

You will have your shopping delivered once you have paid your first instalment, so even if you use all your credit limit of £40, the most you will have to pay up front is £10, not bad for a cupboard full of good quality, branded produce. Flava are the only buy now pay later website that can promise you this.

Flava buy now pay later for your grocery shopping is like having a friendly shopkeeper you can rely on to help you out when you need it the most. The easy to use website is manned 24 hours a day so you can make your order and pay your first instalment day or night, ideal for those who work busy shifts and are not always able to get to the shops on time.

Most people shop from home these days so why not make the most of buy now pay later for your grocery shop as well, Flava is the number one for groceries on credit and without any interest payments guaranteed, who can beat that?

Sign up to Flava and even if you do not use us today, at least you know that should there be a time that you are struggling there is a helping hand ready to fill your kitchen cupboards with everything to keep you going for as long as you need.