Best solution for empty cupboards, try Flava buy now pay later

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Solution to empty cupboards, Flava buy now pay later

Best solution for empty cupboards, try Flava buy now pay later

If you like many others have felt the distinct lack of funds after the Christmas period, then stop worrying about how you are going to managing until payday and sign up to Flava the only buy now pay later grocery supermarket that offers credit to everyone without the need of a credit check. As long as you have a credit or debit card you can sign on with Flava and fill your cupboards with an initial basket credit of at least £40, rising to over £120 within weeks.

With the Flava buy now pay later supermarket you can now buy your groceries on credit and know exactly how much you need to pay back weekly in advance. You can be assured that the only charges on top will be the delivery cost, but if you sign up to Member Benefits you can even get that free of charge on a monthly subscription. There are never any kind of interest charges even though you are buying on credit, but because all orders have to be paid up in 4 weeks this is how Flava are able to get away with not passing on any interest charges to the customer. A 0%APR is the exact interest rate for Flava buy now pay later, it is not like a payday loan or the like where you can end up getting tied up with late charges and added interest payments. You can guarantee that you will not be led into debt with Flava as you cannot re-order until you have paid up the previous order.

Using Flava is Simple - Buy Now, Pay Later Today

Flava are simple and straight forward with some amazing customer feedback from our happy shoppers, just have a look at the latest comments.

With the Flava by now pay later Supermarket as your newest convenient tool for using when you shop you will start to see real saving when it comes to your grocery shopping over the month. It is just the frame of mind that you are buying on credit that will keep you on the straight and narrow when it comes to keeping to your shopping list. It is quite amazing how just that one little switch with train your brain to shopping with more care. You don’t browse the pages of a catalogue and just pop everything and anything into your basket, do you? The exact same thing will happen when ordering your groceries with Flava buy now pay later. Sign up today and see the savings in your bank account within weeks.